Board of Directors & Foundation Board

Are you looking for an experienced and competent member of your future board of directors or a foundation council member?

As an experienced executive and industry insider in the Blockchain world, I have a comprehensive pool of knowledge and experience that can be of great importance for the success of your company.

I offer my clients all the know-how of my many years of experience in managing and organizing companies and exchanges between diverse stakeholders.

In addition, I possess all the tools needed to establish and domicile a company in Switzerland. Coupled with my background and experience in the Swiss financial and legal world, I offer everything that is essential for the establishment and operation of a company in Switzerland.

Board of Directors & Foundation Board

In the future, I will be happy to act as a member of the board of directors or foundation board of your company. Thereby I support you among other things in the completion of the following tasks:

  • Support and handling of banking transactions
  • Reviewing your accounting and ensuring that Swiss laws are respected and complied with
  • Support in signing international contracts
  • Regular updates on legal changes in Switzerland

Good to know

Do I need a board of directors in Switzerland?

Yes, in Switzerland it is a legal requirement for companies with a corporation structure, such as a stock corporation (AG) or a limited liability company (GmbH), to have at least one board of directors resident in Switzerland or at least a person with single signatory rights.

What are the duties of a board of directors in Switzerland?

The duties of a board of directors include determining the strategic direction of a company, selecting a suitable management, advising the management but also monitoring it. The board of directors represents the company externally and maintains contact with important stakeholders.

What types of companies are there in Switzerland?

The most important company forms in Switzerland are stock corporations (AG), limited liability companies (GmbH) and general partnerships. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. It is important to take a close look at the form of company before setting up and to clarify with experts which form is the right one for the project.


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