Welcome to Blockchain-Valley in Zug! Everything here revolves around blockchain innovations. I will be happy to assist you in making your journey into the world of cryptocurrencies as easy as possible. As a blockchain expert with deep roots in Switzerland, I have a first-class network at my disposal. I am happy to connect you with trusted Swiss banks and the brightest minds in tax and wealth management, including the Big 5 audit firms and astute accountants.

My goal is to provide you with an unforgettable experience! I am here to help you not only establish your business in Blockchain-Valley, but to make it a success. Whether you need assistance with domiciliation or are looking for someone to serve as part of your board of directors, I am here for you. I don’t just offer advice, I work hand in hand with you to make your vision a reality. I take care of the finer details – from regulatory challenges to strategic business development.

Why networking is important:

Access to expert knowledge: My network gives you access to a wide range of expertise and experience. This includes contacts with leading banks, tax advisors, asset managers and auditors who are particularly familiar with blockchain and cryptocurrencies. This knowledge is essential for making informed decisions and successfully positioning your company in the fast-moving and complex blockchain market.

Business opportunities and growth: Networking opens doors to new business opportunities. From partnerships to customer acquisition to investment opportunities, the right contacts can be critical to moving your business forward. My network in Blockchain-Valley is extensive and diverse, helping you to build key relationships that will drive your business forward.

Regulatory navigation: The Blockchain market is known for its regulatory challenges. Through my network, you will have access to experts who can guide you through the complex legal and tax landscape. This is crucial to minimise compliance risks and put your business on a solid foundation.

Reputation and trust: A strong network enhances your company’s reputation. Business relationships based on trust and proven expertise are a valuable asset. My network in Blockchain-Valley is a sign of quality and reliability that will give your company credibility.



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